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    Starting off

    I couldn't resist. There is nothing at all interesting about this phone, but I figure it would make a good openning image for this gallery.

    Room with a view

    Laura's hubby's place had a great balcony with a great view. I'm glad I stayed there instead of a hotel. The inflatable matress wasn't very comfy, but there was a lot more charm about the place than some plain vanilla hotel room.

    Another view

    Here is the other view from the balcony of Dave's place. If you like city views, this is the kinda place you wanna live.

    Joe and his GPS

    Of late, we've indulged in the bad habit of marking everything we do on our GPS handhelds. Before long, we'll rely on them, and get lost in our own town without them.

    Hotel Pennsylvania

    This is the home of HOPE. Right across from Madison Square Garden. The layout of the hotel conference center was great, except for the limit of 2 working elevators to the 18th floor.

    Dorking out

    This conference was a gadget lover's dream. Of course, Joe like modelling his cell phone and other miscellaneous devices for the camera.

    NOC first

    This is the HOPE Network Operations Center. Surrounded by yellow tape, some of them were getting pretty irritable when the network was out (due to the suckage of Verizon.) Imagine thousands of geeks in one place, and no internet. They kept everyone up to date, and worked hard to keep everything running. Mad props guys!

    Network Terminals

    The second floor had a bunch of tables, switches, hubs, access terminals, electrical outlets, wirelss access, for everyone to enjoy. Aside from the keynotes, there was hardly a time when you didn't see at least a few dozen people working on their laptops down here.

    Hacking the Planet

    Here's Joe doing what he does best... downloading pr0n. heheh. Just kidding. He was probably blogging. Check Hamburger Tuesdays for more pictures as well.

    Cover your sensitive areas

    During the talk on "hacking nano", this guy decided it might be a good idea to use a microwave with a hole cut in it to do a Mr. Wizard type experiment with a flourescent tube. Needless to say, all of us who were sitting up front hope we can still have children.

    Me this time

    Since it is my camera, there aren't many pictures of me ;) But whatever. I'm not that interesting anyway.

    Joe's Gang Sign, Revisited

    Here's Joe in front of the 2600 van.

    2600 Van

    Here is the van by itself. The picture is off centered a bit... it was the wind, I swear. I can take good pictures. Really.

    01d sk00l phr34kz

    Yup. Captain Crunch and Cheshire Catalyst being introduced by the zoot-suit wonder. Draper is an amazing, if not unrelentingly eccentric guy. I noticed all of the old school guys seem to be happy to be here. You can tell by looking at Draper's goofy smile.

    Phreaks making music

    Here they are again, a little out of focus though. They were playing sound clips from recordings of fun things that had been done on phone networks. I can imagine Draper listening to these sounds with headphones, grinning every time the stack piled up so high that it makes music coming back down.


    What would a HOPE conference be without lockpicking? This was actually one of the best panels I saw. One guy put lockpicking in terms of algorithm research, and another one gave technical run-downs of how more high-tech locks work. Another guy showed us some new tricks for picking locks.

    Lockpicking Panel

    This guy is responsible for one of the most definitive guides on locks. If you hadn't noticed by now, I haven't included many names of people on the panels, because I can't remember names. IPv6 addresses, sure, but names... I'm lucky to remember my own.

    Bump Key

    This is a demonstration of the bump key (or 999 key) lockpicking method. Apparently, with a little practice, you don't even need a lockpick set to pick most standard pin locks.

    And its open

    After a few taps, the lock gives up. This is pretty darn cool.

    The Woz

    We waited around all morning to get good seats to see Steve Wozniak. We actually sat right behind Kevin Mitnick for the talk. Woz is one of the funniest people I have ever heard in my entire life. Right up there with Eddie Izzard.

    The crowd

    You can't really tell from this picture, but a lot of people showed up to see Woz. The conference room was packed past capacity, and the room behind it was full as well.

    More Woz

    He was probably telling about another prank he pulled. I can't remember which prank goes with this picture, but I'm sure he got someone else blamed for it.

    Fired up

    Woz was very passionate about all things hackish. This picture shows the setup of the room a little better, including Kevin Mitnick's mullet. No offense Kevin, but do you get a lotta chicks with that haircut?


    Here's Count Zero starting off the CDC Hactivism Panel. A lot of cool things were said here. I don't know if/when 2600 is making these talks available, but I'd suggest taking a look at this one.

    The gang

    Laura and Dave gave us a place to stay, and for that, we are greatful. They also provided great company, which more than made up for having to sleeping on the floor. Dave said next time we come up, he'll have a couch.

    Me, Joe, Laura

    Aha! Another picture with me in it. Aren't we some goofy characters ;)

    The balcony

    I mentioned before how cool the view was, here is a shot of us taken through Dave's window. Pretty neat.


    Here's Joe on one side of the balcony. You can see the uptown skyline behind him.

    Joe again.

    Same balcony, only this time with a view of the financial district.

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