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    Making the Counterflow Chiller

    This was described as "Pushing a snake through a snake that has a snake wrapped around it." It took a long time, but it worked great when we were done!

    Wort Chiller (almost done)

    Here is the wort chiller after we pushed the copper pipe through the outer tube. The last step was to put all the fittings on for the hose connection.

    Hop Bags

    Since we were using Isaac's newly manufactured wort chiller, we decided it would be prudent to put the (homegrown) hops in cheese-cloth bags to prevent any cloggage of the small copper pipe.

    Into the Fermenter!

    Beer flowing nicely into its new home... at least until we transfer it to the secondary... then bottles... then our bellies... then the Mon county sewer system.


    The baby-beer is flowing nicely... about 12 gallons worth!

    Ted inspecting the setup

    Here is Ted keeping an ever watchful eye on the setup of the art-, science-, and engineering-intensive process.

    The Entire Setup

    Here is our entire brewing setup. It looks a little back-woods, but it works! And when you brew outside, you don't have a wife screaming at you for spilling wort on the floor.

    Baby Beer!!!

    Two good carboys of baby beer. Once the yeast does it's thing, we'll have our favorite thing in the world: barley and hop flavored water filled with yeast poop!

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