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    Beth at Night

    Here is Beth at night time with the ocean behind her.

    Honeymoon before Dinner

    Here we are before our "special honeymoon dinner." They gave all the honeymooners at the resort a special meal. But it was pretty much just like the rest of the dinners.

    Greg and Beth@ the beach

    This was taken on the beach at our resort, Xpu-Ha Palace.

    Beach baby!

    We love that sand.. Here is Beth relaxing in the sun.

    Beth in front of ocean

    Beth. Ocean. Night

    On honeymoon

    All dressed up for dinner..


    It was our first time scuba diving! It was awesome!!

    There's An Elephant on our Bed!

    So the housekeepers at the hotel liked to decorate our bed everyday with towel sculptures... Elephants, swans, hearts, etc.

    Beth in flowers

    They had a wedding chapel at the hotel and this was the entrance.

    Greg at beach

    Greg at the beach at the hotel

    Greg on the boat

    Greg enjoying fishing

    Greg at Senor Frogs

    We took at trip with the Spa Palace hotel to Senor Frogs in Playa Del Carmen

    At Spa for day

    So I (Beth) got Greg to get a masage. We went to the Adventura Spa Palace to spend the day, and enjoy the spa and beach.

    Hotel lobby

    Our hotel lobby was beautiful. It was open with a thatched roof.

    Greg scubas

    Here is one of Greg scuba diving. We had so much fun, we can't wait to try it again sometime.


    Greg relaxing on the beach

    Playing in the water

    Greg's playing in the water in between snorkeling and swimming.

    Honeymoon dinner

    They had a special honeymoon dinner for us the last night of our honeymoon.

    Silly Monkey

    So there were lots of animals at our hotel. This monkey seemed to be posing for us.

    Scuba Beth

    Beth scuba diving again...

    More scuba

    More of Beth scuba diving


    Beth snorkeling at Aventura Spa Palace

    Spa Beach

    View of the Spa Beach


    At Xcaret we saw hundreds of sea turtles or Tortuga Marine

    Bigger Turtle

    more of turtles

    Baby turtle

    They had turtles of all ages at Xcaret. These were a few months old.

    Under the sea

    A not so vibrant view when we were scuba diving

    Under the sea 2

    Coral and sea life


    We went deep sea fishing of course. Greg caught the big one. Beth just caught some of the small ones.

    Greg with Fish

    Greg with the fish we caught

    Reeling in the big one

    Greg catching the big fish...

    He caught a big one...

    Greg caught a wahoo...(sp?) He was the only one to catch a big fish while trolling.

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