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  • Previous Entries

    Greg and Beth

    the political and personal musings of two
    mountaineers living in west-central Florida
    Yay Capitalism! Comment
    Gregory Morris, 9/21/15 6:34:11 am
    Get Rich Slowly has links to a few old videos. I highly recommend watching them. Old as they are, they are still relevant.
    NRA WOA: The Last Day Comment
    Gregory Morris, 5/9/12 6:51:02 pm
    Well it's the last day of WOA. It's been a completely amazing week. I slept in really late because we had been up so late last night. Once I dragged myself out of bed, I hung out in my room and chatted with people until lunch. A bunch of other people went and toured Mammoth Cave this morning, but I forgot to sign up. Oops.

    After lunch we were given the option of going and shooting 3-gun or sporting clays. As much fun as I had shooting 3-gun, I went with sporting clays. I think I might want to get more involved with it once I get home. I'm not ruling out maybe competing in pistols, but I think shotgunning is more for me. It's a very zen, relaxing shooting sport for me. You just relax, calm your mind and body and they just trust you body's natural instincts. I truly love it. Plus destroying clays rocks!

    So, I headed out to the sporting clays course and shot. I got the chance to shoot with Elizabeth, Sandy, and Carol. They are great instructors. They change one thing and I went from ...
    NRA WOA: Cowboys and Horses Comment
    Gregory Morris, 5/9/12 6:46:45 pm
    Apparently I'm so good at sleeping I woke up this morning to find out that I slept through unaware a horrible storm, a tornado siren, and the power going out. We've had some long days. I was tired!

    The storm did change our morning plans. No canoeing for anyone this morning. So instead Margaret, Marie, and Raquel and I went to Cave City to do a little antique shopping. It was a cute little town. Some of the girls found hats and other neat things. I, for the one and only time in my life, bought nothing. It was an anomaly. So after we headed back we went to lunch and got briefed on the rest of the day.

    Now it was time to don my long awaited SASS outfit. I thought I was going to look kinda dorky, but when I came out in my bustled long skirt, high neck shirt, and straw hat everybody loved it. I believe it was Kerrin who called me Beth Ingles Wilder. LOL I'll take that. We all headed down to cowboy town and had a mix of using some SASS weapons as well as a bunch of the guns we used during the week ...
    NRA WOA: Introduction to 3-Gun Comment
    Beth Morris, 5/4/12 2:09:10 pm

    Update: Added complete video.

    On Deciding Social Policy Comment
    Gregory Morris, 5/4/12 2:00:06 pm
    Click and laugh. Also nod your head. Don't forget to click on the little red button.
    NRA WOA: Golf and Shotguns Comment
    Beth Morris, 5/4/12 1:38:23 pm

    I'm actually writing this before dinner today. Today was a really relaxed laid back day for me. This morning almost everyone else went zip lining and horseback riding. From what I heard they had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing these events many for the first time. It was great that the NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure offered so many options to try new things and experience things we might not have ever had the chance to try before.

    I, on the other hand did something much less adventurous. I hit up the complex's driving range. It was just me, so Blake the course pro gave me a lesson. I hit some balls with a driver then he had me try with a 7 iron. I had informed him that I can't hit irons very well at all. He adjusted my stance a bit and gave me some helpful hints. I lined up my shot and just went for it. I completely surprised myself and hit a perfect long shot.

    In all areas, every single instructor I have encountered here had been beyond amazing. My day just got better and better ...
    NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure Comment
    Gregory Morris, 5/4/12 1:13:06 pm
    So, Beth is away having shooty fun in Kentucky, while I'm spending time in airports and with customers. Not fair. Jealous.

    Here's what the NRA Blog has to say about WOA so far:

    Beth has more blog posts coming, possibly including some video! Stay tuned!
    NRA WOA: Action Shooting Comment
    Beth Morris, 5/2/12 11:51:34 pm
    Day three started off a little rocky. I didn't feel very well for the first half of the day. I tried to go to rifle training, but just couldn't make it. I missed training on an M&P 15 in .22. They trained on that and ran courses as well. Thy also shot it in .223. They all said they really enjoyed it and liked moving around and shooting.

    After lunch group B had pistol training. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the intense training with pistols but I was really, really surprised. I'm learning this week how much proper training matters so much. Instructor Debbie Keehart spent time with me adjusting my incorrect grip and showing me how to grip the gun correctly. We were shooting M&P 9mms. I really liked the way these guns shot.

    Once I got my sight picture corrected, I was shooting pretty consistently. I realized one of my other problems is that I for some reason get stressed out and tense up in my arms and shoulders. One of my fellow group members, Marie, kept saying "Nameste" and ...
    NRA WOA: Day Two Shooty Goodness Comment
    Beth Morris, 5/2/12 6:36:12 pm
    Today didn't go quite as scheduled. We got hit with some thunderstorms, so our morning plans of shooting 5-stand got put on hold. Instead we all donned our matching WOA jackets and hats and posed for group pictures. It was finally feeling like summer camp. The instructors jumped in holding their respective weapons then we took our small group photos. I'm in group B with some pretty amazing ladies. We met the first day and decided we wanted to be grouped together. Yes, they like me! They really like me!

    So since we got rained out of shotguns for the time being, they decided to have some classroom instruction on the three different weapons for 3-gun. Head rifle instructor Kay Miculek spoke on the 3-gun course and how it was practical shooting. We will be using Smith and Wesson M&P 15s in .22lr with a red dot sights. We also were taught the basic operations of the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. Head pistol instructor Debbie Keehart talked about sight picture, proper stance, and proper grip. ...
    NRA WOA: Day One in the Books Comment
    Beth Morris, 5/1/12 9:19:41 pm
    Day 1 is officially in the books. I checked in early and received my bag of goodies. I then ate a leisurely breakfast with some pretty cool ladies before heading back to my room.

    The sponsors of this event hooked us up with some great gear. We all got matching jackets and cute hats. An awesome cross body backpack, water bottle, a cute pink Remington shirt, a Rite in the Rain Journal and some other odd and ends.

    I have really enjoyed meeting like-minded women from all over the country. To be honest I'm pleasantly surprised. I was pretty afraid that they would so different from me and, I'd be too loud and obnoxious and frighten everyone. They are different from me, but in good ways. So far, no one has run in the opposite direction upon my approach!

    After lunch we had personal protection seminar. It was a mix of the NRA "Refuse to be a Victim" program and their Personal Protection class. It was presented by instructor Jim Honaker. He spoke on levels of awareness, preparedness, how to examine your ...
    NRA WOA: Arrival at Park Mammoth Resort Comment
    Beth Morris, 4/29/12 8:06:56 pm
    I really didn't think I was going to make it here at all after the anxiety I've had about this trip all week.

    I rarely ever travel all alone, and when I do it's always to see family or close friends. They pick me at the airport. Even from the beginning, this trip is proving to be quite the unique experience. One which will test my courage, help me over come many fears, as well as prove to myself that I can indeed step outside my comfort zone.

    So, getting back to my morning of travel... I got up early and lugged two gianormous suitcases and a backpack through the Tampa airport. I wasn't awake enough yet to be terrified, so that was a plus. After a quick stop in Atlanta - well I'm pretty sure I stopped in Atlanta - I was in a strange traveling daze at this point so we'll never be 100% sure where I was exactly... All I know was then I was back on a different plane headed for Nashville, TN. I loved the idea of staying in Nashville. I could hear all the music and I could see Opreyland ...
    Heading To NRA Womenís Adventure! Comment
    Beth Morris, 4/29/12 7:45:05 pm
    I havenít posted on here for a while, but I thought that I might share with you my plans for next week. I will be attending the NRAís Womenís Outdoor Adventure at Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort, Park City, Kentucky.

    Iím pretty exciting about all the activities they have lined up for us. Iíve never been to anything like this before and Iím a mix of anxious, excited, and curious. I really am not sure what to expect. There will be outdoorsy activities like canoeing, zip-lining, touring of Mammoth Cave, golfing, etc. But we will also be training for a SASS-style shooting event. Iíve never shot any of the weapons used for cowboy action shooting, and am looking forward to it a lot. Iím going to try, and try being the operative word, to write daily blogs and send them to Greg for posting. Iíd love to be able to share my experience with everyone.

    So, wish me luck and stay tuned for adventures in Kentucky!
    I haven't blogged in a rrrrreeallllly long time Comment
    Gregory Morris, 3/13/12 9:42:10 pm
    But I can't help but link to this.

    Robb is one funny motherfucker.

    I mean really fucking funny.

    And I don't even swear that much.

    I'm really glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that.
    Going Solo Comment
    Beth Morris, 2/14/12 1:10:06 am
    Last weekend we went to a Suncoast gun show in Ft. Myers, FL. I have been on a quest to find a better carry gun that's Florida female clothing friendly. It's been hard to find something small enough that doesn't print and that is a big enough caliber that I feel would stop a bad guy. Something that I feel would be better than just throwing one of those teeny weapons at someone's head. I came across the Kimber Solo online and thought it could have some real potential. But I wanted to check it out in person. We looked around at the show a bit and finally came across what I believe was the only Kimber Solo at the show. I picked it up, felt how it fit in my hands, and being a 9mm thought that this might be a really good option. I've shot other Kimbers in the past and have been able to shoot them with pretty good accurately. It's smooth angles and size were really appealing and I could see myself being able to carry more frequently and in more situations than I have been.

    That's when the ...
    I'm Back! Comment
    Gregory Morris, 12/3/11 7:53:14 pm
    CONUS for good now. Don't expect much bloggy because I am in vegetable mode for the rest of the month, including some time on the beach in Akumal.
    Kuwait Comment
    Gregory Morris, 11/5/11 6:43:31 am
    In Fintas, Kuwait... just for the day. Man, I wish I had more time to do some culinary tourism here. Some of the restaurants here look amazing. Unfortunately, I'll be heading out to a base in the desert, where I will continue to eat crappy DFAC food.
    On the Move Comment
    Gregory Morris, 11/4/11 5:29:04 am
    Back in Baghdad for the day, then it is off to Kuwait for my last month of deployment.

    I'm ready.
    Notes From Iraq: Not Many Notes Comment
    Gregory Morris, 10/2/11 4:26:17 pm
    I'm still here. I might qualify for the "Worst Blogger of the Year" award. The internet connection here just sucks, and even if it didn't, I just don't have much time.

    I also don't know when I'll be home... but I do intend to get back into regular blogging, hopefully by some time in December.

    Notes From Iraq: There and Back Again Comment
    Gregory Morris, 8/25/11 4:24:06 pm
    I had a nice R&R. Not long enough, but are they ever? Beth and I went to see Cirque du Soleil in Orlando, we took a biplane tour out of St. Pete, we ate lots of good food, hung out with friends, and generally just relaxed. I definitely needed that.

    Now I'm back in Iraq. I just took a helicopter ride from Baghdad to Al Asad... neato! I've always loved helicopters, but this was my first time riding in one. Instead of that cheesy tour in Orlando, I got a tour of the Euphrates River. The same river mentioned in Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Chronicles, Kings, Joshua, Samuel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, a few of the Psalms, and likely other places in the Bible as well. Isn't that cool?

    They wouldn't let me be the door gunner though.
    Woot! Moar Guns. Comment
    Gregory Morris, 8/12/11 7:20:53 pm
    My collection of Ruger firearms has increased by 3. Included is a 10/22 USA Shooting Team edition. What a sweet little gun.
    Ammo Organized Comment
    Gregory Morris, 8/10/11 7:05:19 pm
    That didn't take nearly as long as I expected. Only 13 .50 cal cans, 4 .30 cal cans and 6 Cabelas dry boxes. Now to build some shelves in the garage.
    Back Home Comment
    Gregory Morris, 8/8/11 3:11:27 pm
    ...for a few weeks, anyway.

    Before I left Baghdad, the Camp Victory Cigar Club announced last Saturday that they are donating the balance of their account to the Wounded Warriors Project. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $10k. Glad I could be part of that.

    Now, for a cold beer, and some floating in the pool.
    Found: Shoulder Thing That Goes Up Comment
    Gregory Morris, 7/28/11 4:46:10 am
    This rifle actually has one. I never knew what Carolyn McCarthy was talking about, before now.
    Gun Safety Comment
    Gregory Morris, 7/24/11 8:40:32 am
    This article mentions gun control, but I saw no specific mention of any gun control group.

    It seems to me the correct people to turn to in order to prevent this type of accident would be someone who teaches gun safety. Like, I dunno, the NRA.

    Gun control? Really? How about proper training for children, like Eddie Eagle, mandated in schools across America. That might actually make people safer, instead of just making them think they are safer.
    Isn't That Like Reorganizing A Man's Tackle Box? Comment
    Gregory Morris, 7/8/11 8:19:05 am
    My wife informed me today that she reorganized my gun stuff into "categories". I'm afraid what that might mean.


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