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    Beth's Art Gallery
    Art that I've created in various mediums and techniques. It's not great, but it's personal to me. Enjoy!!

    New Tampa Bay Pics
    Some pictures I've taken while wondering around the Tampa area. I'll be down here for a while, so I'm sure there will be a lot more.

    Destin Florida
    We took this trip a while ago, but I just found this roll of film, and got it developed.

    Snorkelling Akumal, May '06
    I separated out the snorkelling pictures, because there isn't much I have to say about them. I only identified a few of the fish, so if anyone wants to post the correct names of these fish, feel free!

    Akumal, May 2006
    Pics from our second trip to akumal in under 7 months. This time we took the whole crew... Roy, Darla, Erin, Chris, Jessica, and of course me and Beth.

    April Beer Brewing
    First batch of beer we've brewed in a long time. I'll let you know if it is any good!

    Outdoor Adventure
    A few shots from skiing at Cooper's Rocks this winter, backpacking on Big Run (also winter) and fishing Anthony's Creek this spring.

    Akumal 2005
    Our trip to Akumal, visiting Tulum, Etc. These are only our digital pics. I'll add film pics later.

    Loco Gringo Party, Nov 2005
    Images from the Loco Gringo (locogringo.com) gathering in Akumal on Nov. 12, 2005

    Project Boat, Week 2
    Just a few updates on the status. Got the boat mostly stripped now, gearing up for some transome repair, grinding, sanding, glassing, and more sanding.

    Project Boat, Day 2
    To keep things simple, I'm putting each major update into a new gallery. Here we've removed a bunch of junk, made supports for the boat, and took it off the trailer.

    MFG Project Boat
    This is my winter (and probably spring/summer) project. I'm restoring a 1960 MFG Oxford. Original cost: $25. Upon pickup, the condition was horrible, but I'm hoping with a some hard work, mess, and sweat, it will look good as new by next summer.

    New House
    Here is the house we intend to buy. As of Monday August 16th, the contract has not been inked, but we have an agreement, and we hope to execute the contract this week.

    Cruise to Nova Scotia
    We got some pretty decent pictures on our cruise from NYC to Halifax. This might be the first time I've actually used all 32mb of my SD card, and had to pop in my backup 8mb. I'm not saying the pictures are spectacular, but there are certainly enough of them :)

    The Fifth Hope
    I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to. I tend to be interested in things so much that I forget to document them :)

    July 4, 2004
    We didn't even get the camera out until later in the night, so the only pictures we have are some post-beer haircut decisions ;)

    Wha Jasia 5
    We all survived yet another Wha Jasia Day. We learned a few things this year.. namely that the slogan can't be "no rain, no gain".

    Assateague Island
    Here are some pics from our latest weekend trip to Assateague island. What a great place to camp!

    Hemlock Trail
    These pictures are from a hike Joe and I took on the Hemlock Trail near Chestnut Ridge.

    Orthodox Wedding
    Here are images from our Greek Orthadox wedding.

    Wedding Pictures
    These are photographs taken by various friends and family. Thanks to all those who took such great pictures of the wedding.

    This is a gallery of our honeymoon south of Cancun, at the Xpu-Ha Palace resort, and our trips to XCaret and Isla Mujeres.

    Shower Pictures
    Here are the pictures from my lovely bridal shower!!

    Miscellaneous Pictures
    This is a wonderful little test gallery filled with wonderful images of happiness

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