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    Getting Ready

    Here I am preparing our camping gear for the trip.

    We don't care

    Gas prices may be through the roof, but gosh-darnit, we're gonna enjoy ourselves!

    Girls like camping too!

    My girlfriend and your girlfriend sitting by the fire, My girlfriend says to your girlfriend, I'm gonna set your tent on fire.

    Goin' Fishin'

    This is about one fourth of our fishing gear. Turns out all we needed was a few fishing poles, bait, and pliers. Those crazy sand sharks did the rest.

    Speaking of crazy sand sharks

    Here's the first of about 15 sand sharks we caught. I think some of them were dumb enough to get caught twice. Too bad we didn't catch any striper or bluefish. Wrong time of year I guess.

    Awww. How cute.

    In a place like this, romance oozes out of the dunes. I'm not saying that any romance happened, per se, but you could easily be given that impression looking at pictures like this.

    Great times

    Joe can brighten up any situation. You probably already knew that. What you didn't know is that he can take the happiest place in the world, and make it happier.


    Joe and I looking all badass, Headlamps and all.

    Joe's puffer

    Joe's first fish of the night. I don't think I've ever seen one of these caught in the surf before.

    Joe's sand shark

    We caught enough of these things to make some great sharkskin handbags. Doesn't Joe look like a badass?


    Here is Joe looking cool. We stopped here to take a break after hiking all of the nature trails on the north side of the island.


    Here is an old shipwreck. There have been a bunch of them around the island, this one just happens to be relatively well preserved. There is all sorts of cool historical stuff on the island.

    Liz and Jason

    Is he a pimp? I think so.

    Liz by herself

    Looking sexy wearing a hockey jersey. I don't care if you hate hockey, its still hot.


    Ok, the hockey jersey got passed around. Look how good she looks! And happy too! You should have seen how happy the guys who were checking her out were. ;)

    Beth and Jason

    Everyone had a great time! Even those of us who tend to be grumpy. Maybe having sand in your shorts is a good thing?


    So our favorite TV show is off the air now. Guess what! We just found out that we can have real live friends who don't live inside our TVs. Amazing isn't it?

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