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    Here is a picture of us (from behind) with our crowns.

    Dance around the table

    Part of the wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom dance around the table. In reality, it is more like stumbling around the table, because we each had a candle in our left hand, and we were holding our right hands, and our heads were attached with the ribbon between the crowns. Plus Beth's dress is the size of Texas ;)

    Around the table (again)

    Here is another shot of us going around the table.


    Greg putting flowers on Beth's wrist

    At the church

    Here is a picture of us at the church. The only reason Beth was standing there was because there was an A/C vent on the floor, and you can probably imagine how hot it gets in that dress.

    The Table

    Here is a picture of the table at the church.


    Here is Beth drinking the wine. The wine is supposed to represent "taking the sweet as well as the bitter." The wine was a little too sweet for Beth I think ;)

    Us with Yia Yia

    Here we are with my yiayia.

    Us with the priests

    Here we are with the two priests who officiated at the service. Father Chris is on the right. Father Frank is on the left. Father Frank is my Godfather.

    Beth pretending to be upset

    Here is a cute picture of Beth shaking her finger at someone.

    The Bunt

    Its a Cake! OK, we can't escape references to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Thankfully, nobody brought windex to this one.

    Small Reception

    Here is everyone eating some yummy greek food. We had stuffed grape leaves, hummus with pita, olives, feta, meatballs, and all sorts of other fun stuff!


    Here it is, the most important part: Baklava. I don't think too much of this survived the night!

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