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    NYC Skyline 1

    Once we were on the cruise ship, there was a great view of the NYC skyline, perhaps better than the view from Laura's Hubby's apartment.

    NYC Skyline 2

    I got a lot of pictures of NYC. Nothing particularly interesting, if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. I just couldn't help but continue to take pictures from the deck of the boat.


    Here is a concorde jet sitting on a barge by the USS Intrepid. Not sure why its there, but I'm guessing as a tourist thing. "Come look at the now-decomissioned, too expensive for you to have actually flown in one, supersonic passenger jet."


    SR-71 Blackbird parked on the deck of the USS Intrepid. While I'm showing you pictures of supersonic jets, why not show you the mac-daddy of them all?

    Skyline, again

    Never can get enough of this. Seriously.

    Beth relaxing on deck

    We got some great seats to watch the ship pull out of the peir.

    Ahh, yet again.

    You just can't take too many of these pictures. In the forground, you can see the nice little USCG boat that escorted us out to sea.

    Zoom in

    Same scheme, a little more zoom.


    I always complain that we never have any pictures of us together. Well, we did a little better this time. Of course, in 90% of the pictures of us together, we're on a boat. Well, thats a good thing if you ask me.

    Golf anyone?

    You think theres no place in New York city to play golf? Think again. Well, its just a driving range, but if you look closely, you can see the fake water hazards ;)

    Tip of the island

    Here's the lower tip of Manhattan, as seen from a mamoth cruise ship.

    Lady Liberty

    The great thing about leaving on a cruise from NY is you get a free drive-by of the statue of liberty.

    Ellis Island

    Ah. History.

    Liberty again

    The statue was in good photographic range for maybe 15 minutes as we pulled out of the harbor. I took about 20 pictures, but I'm only going to post the good ones *g*

    Reminds me of Mexico

    We got lots of great towel animals on our honeymoon. I don't think we ever got a cocker spaniel though... how'd they know (:


    We also got a hip elephant wearing Beth's new duty-free sunglasses.

    Us again!

    The good thing about a cruise is that there is never a shortage of people to take your picture. This was "formal night" on the boat. Everyone dressed up to eat the same barely-on-par food as any other night. Except on formal night, more people bought champagne.

    One tall ship from another

    Here is a picture of a bigger tall ship that was in the process of being refitted. We were standing on a smaller ship. They couldn't raise the main sails because we had tarps keeping the rain off of us. I can't say I made a difference though, we were already soaked.

    Halifax harbor

    There are lots of cute little shops, as well as big buildings and casinos here. The harbor was really clean though, compared to NY. Of course, the Mon river is clean compared to NY.

    Soggy Me

    Behind me you can see one the Canadian Navy's destroyers. Well, maybe not a destroyer, per se, most boats these days only have a bow gun. They mostly carry cruise missles.

    Halifax skyline

    I figure since I had a bunch of these from NY, I might give everyone something to compare. Halifax isn't that big of a city, but bigger than I expected.

    Sail boat regata

    We lucked out and got to see a cool little sail boat race. The neat thing is how they melt in and out of the fog. If you want to see a higher res picture, let me know.


    There are no cannons there now, but there were during the civil war. This island was used to control the harbor during the American civil war, since it was still a British colony, and both Union and Confederate ships would resupply in this harbor. The island was also used as a prison


    The magnificent Carnival Victory. It looks much bigger when you are standing right beside it.

    Us... on a boat

    Here we are together on the deck of the tall ship. Ah. Boats.

    More sailboats

    Same as the other picture. I just thought these were neat.

    Whoooo weeee

    Beth after we got back from sailing, relaxed in the hot tub for a bit, and then got dressed. I didn't take any pictures of us before this point, because we both looked like sad wet puppies.


    To give those of you who have never been on a cruise a better sense of the size of the ship, here is the atrium. There are eleven decks on the Victory. I think this picture was taken from the ninth. You can't see the bottom two decks.

    Lots of mosaics

    The boat had mosaics on a lot of the walls, at least in the atrium. Some of them were pretty neat.

    Tall Ship

    Here is the ship we "sailed" on earlier in the day. Notice the Captain Morgan sail instead of real sails ;)


    This is the lighthouse on the little island in the middle of the harbor. Behind it you can see the fort entrenchments.

    Beth on deck

    Beth posing for a picture with our sailboat, and the island.

    Greg on deck

    Same picture, only me this time.

    The weather was wet and cold

    And here is Beth pouting about it. Just kidding, she had a great time.

    Here we go again

    I got another good picture of the island as the cruise ship began turning around.

    Poseidon and Beth

    We convinced Poseidon to pose with Beth for this picture in the casino. Who would have guessed he was a gambler?

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